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Reiki Services: In-person or Distance

How to Request Service

or call 303-907-1334

Include your preference of in-person or distance Reiki and your contact information. I will contact you to discuss further details (i.e. place, time).

New Client Discount

For first-time clients, take $10.00 off the cost of your first session (travel surcharges will still apply in full).

In-person Reiki

Session length: up to 30 minutes

Cost: $50.00 plus travel surcharges if you live more than 25 miles from my home. To make this more cost-effective, you might consider gathering a group of friends with animals

What to expect during an in-person Reiki session:

For an in-person session, I will come to your home at a specified time to offer Reiki with a hands-off and/or hands-on approach. In-person Reiki is an excellent way to reduce the stress your animal may already be feeling and keep him/her more comfortable and willing to accept the healing energy. Animals are very sensitive to Reiki energy and they will know what to do with it. They will decide if they want to accept the energy and how much. This dictates the amount of time (up to a maximum of 30 minutes) the session will last.

The first session will last a little longer, as I take time to get to know your animal from a distance to respect their privacy and make them feel more comfortable. I will begin offering Reiki to them in the room with a hands-off approach. They will make the choice to approach me and participate in a hands-on approach. Most often, animals will attempt to place in my hands, the body part that needs the energy healing most. Other times, they may simply lay down and fall into a deep Reiki sleep to absorb the energy for mental and/or emotional purposes.

Distance Reiki

Session length: approximately 30 minutes

Cost: $40.00

What to expect during a distance Reiki session:

I can conduct a distance Reiki session from anywhere. I do not need to be in the same room with your animal. Distance Reiki is perfect for animals who are extremely stressed, anxious or simply have difficulty dealing with strangers. It can sooth and calm them, especially if they are dealing with the loss of a companion animal or human.

When you request distance Reiki, we must agree on a specific time when your animal is most likely to be relaxed and resting for the 30 minutes of the session. The animal can be anywhere. . .not necessarily in your home. Please provide to me their location, their name and if you have a recent photo, that would also be helpful.